Specialised Tooling ProductsCrimp ToolingBCJ13-30 Battery Powered Crimp Tool - 30mm Jaw Opening
BCJ13-30 Battery Powered Crimp Tool - 30mm Jaw Opening

Designed for high use specialised applications, the BCJ-13 offers the unique feature of electronic control and monitoring of the crimp operation via mini USB interface. Featuring a two stage pump, and “C” form 360° rotating head the BCJ crimp tool uses standard 12/13 ton hex compression dies and comes complete with a steel carry case and crimp analysis software.

Battery: 14.4V
Charge Time: 45min
Battery Charger: 230V

Part No.Crimp TimeCrimping ForceJaw OpeningOperational TemperatureWeightAdd to wishlist
BCJ13-307-13sec (depending on the dimension)130KN30mm-20 - +406.9kg
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