Small TerminalsEnd Sleeves Insulated - Strip Form
End Sleeves Insulated - Strip Form

Ideal for panel/switchboard builders regularly using ferrules.

  • Special colours to French (T) and German (W) standards available on request.
Part No.Nominal Conductor AreaColourDimensions (mm) L1Dimensions (mm) L2Dimensions (mm) D1Dimensions (mm) D2Dimensions (mm) D3Pack QuantityAdd to wishlist
ESS0550D0.5mmWhite2.6mm3.5mm14.5mm8mm1.1mm10 x 50
ESS07550D0.75mmGrey2.8mm3.6mm14.5mm8mm1.3mm10 x 50
ESS1050D1.0mmRed3mm3.9mm14.5mm8mm1.5mm10 x 50
ESS1550D1.5mmBlack3.4mm4.2mm14.5mm8mm1.8mm10 x 50
ESS02550D2.5mmBlue4.2mm5mm14.5mm8mm2.3mm10 x 50
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