Small TerminalsTwin End Sleeves - Insulated, Loose
Twin End Sleeves - Insulated, Loose

Designed to take two cables at once in the same terminal. Ideal for “neutral” loop between devices.

Part No.Nominal Conductor AreaColourDimensions (mm) d1Dimensions (mm) d2Dimensions (mm) d3Dimensions (mm) L1Dimensions (mm) L2Pack QuantityAdd to wishlist
EST2058D2 x 0.5mmWhite1.5mm2.3mm4.7mm15mm8mm100
EST2758D2 x 0.75mmGrey1.8mm2.6mm5mm15mm8mm100
EST2108D2 x 1.0mmRed2.05mm3mm5.4mm15mm8mm100
EST2158D2 x 1.5mmBlack2.3mm3.5mm6.6mm16mm8mm100
EST21512D2 x 1.5mmBlack2.3mm3.5mm6.6mm20mm12mm100
EST202510D2 x 2.5mmBlue2.8mm4mm7.8mm18.5mm10mm100
EST202518D2 x 2.5mmBlue2.8mm4mm7.8mm28.5mm18mm100
EST24012D2 x 4.0mmGrey3.7mm4.9mm8.8mm23mm12mm50
EST26014D2 x 6.0mmYellow4.8mm5.8mm10mm26mm14mm50
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