Cable AccessoriesCable Clamps - by Dutchclamp
Cable Clamps - by Dutchclamp

Electrical Connections European sourced DCL series cable clamps are manufactured from fibreglass reinforced Polyamide, and are unique in their additives, which results in a longer life span. Designed to provide superior mechanical strength, these clamps meet the most stringent requirements for short circuit protection of low, medium and high voltage cables. Designed for quick and secure mounting, these clamps can be used both indoor and outdoor, and are resistant against corrosion, ozone, frost, oil, acids, salts, and UV. DCL Clamps are used extensively in many countries around the globe. DCL clamps have been exhaustively tested by:

  • Underwriters Laboratories USA (UL)
  • Damstra Laboratorium – Eaton Electric (Certified by Kema)
  • Centrilab – Belgium
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