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Copper Reducing Links

Electrical Connections manufactures copper reducing links at short notice to your requirements. Machined from high conductivity copper billet, ECSR copper reducing links have an internal centre barrier and can be made to most configurations. Copper reducing links for imperial cables can be manufactured also. Copper reducing links can be crimped with standard NZ tooling dies. These items are specially manufactured so are not returnable.

  • Dimensions may vary slightly
  • For bellmouth copper reducing links, please contact our sales department.
  • See pages 80–87 in our catalogue for crimp tooling.

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Part No.Cable SizeDimensions (mm) ADimensions (mm) B2Dimensions (mm) CDimensions (mm) DDimensions (mm) E2A/F Hex Die (mm)Add to wishlist
ECSR300-150Large End: 300mm95304223.516.7Large End: 26.0; Small End: 18.3
ECSR300-185Large End: 300mm100324223.518.4Large End: 26.0; Small End: 20.0
ECSR300-240Large End: 300mm105384223.521.2Large End: 26.0; Small End: 23.1
ECSR400-95Large End: 400mm105275526.513.4Large End: 28.1; Small End: 14.2
ECSR400-120Large End: 400mm105305526.515Large End: 28.1; Small End: 16.5
ECSR400-150Large End: 400mm110305526.516.7Large End: 28.1; Small End: 18.3
ECSR400-185Large End: 400mm110325526.518.4Large End: 28.1; Small End: 20.0
ECSR400-240Large End: 400mm125385526.521.2Large End: 28.1; Small End: 23.1
ECSR400-300Large End: 400mm125425526.523.5Large End: 28.1; Small End: 26.0
ECSR500-120Large End: 500mm110305529.515Large End: 31.0; Small End: 16.5
ECSR500-150Large End: 500mm110305529.516.7Large End: 31.0; Small End: 18.3
ECSR500-185Large End: 500mm115325529.518.4Large End: 31.0; Small End: 20.0
ECSR500-240Large End: 500mm120385529.521.2Large End: 31.0; Small End: 23.1
ECSR500-300Large End: 500mm125425529.523.5Large End: 31.0; Small End: 26.0
ECSR500-400Large End: 500mm140555529.526.8Large End: 31.0; Small End: 28.1
ECSR630-150Large End: 630mm115305633.516.7Large End: 37.0; Small End: 18.3
ECSR630-185Large End: 630mm115325633.518.4Large End: 37.0; Small End: 20.0
ECSR630-240Large End: 630mm120385633.521.2Large End: 37.0; Small End: 23.1
ECSR630-300Large End: 630mm125425633.523.5Large End: 37.0; Small End: 26.0
ECSR630-400Large End: 630mm140555633.526.8Large End: 37.0; Small End: 28.1
ECSR630-500Large End: 630mm140555633.530Large End: 37.0; Small End: 31.0
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